Book 1; Greywolf VS. The Demon Sorcerer

Max Copeland is a 15 yr old, ½ Native American, ½ White, kid with divorced parents. After showing his courage he is indoctrinated into the mystical Brotherhood of the Wolf and granted super human-like powers.  Meanwhile, Victor Quinn, a powerful businessman & sorcerer who uses dark magic spells to manipulate business dealing has set his sights on Copeland Enterprises (owned by Max’s father).

Aided by his Indian grandfather, two high school friends, and a spirit guide, Max will take on the demon sorcerer in the city of Denver ending in an epic battle atop the Quinn Tower where Max must call on his mystical brothers of the wolf clan to defeat Quinn and his evil minions.

Follow on stories;

Greywolf vs. The Soul Catcher

Greywolf vs. The Necromancer

Greywolf vs. The Iron Giant

and a spinoff series, COBALT: Intergalactic Policeman