DEAD SEA (Zombie/Horror) After rescuing the crew of a fishing boat, a junior female officer must lead her inexperienced crew in the fight for their lives when their ship becomes infested with zombies.  (Think Train to Busan meets Navy SEALs) *** Finalist in the 13Horror and Shriekfest contests.

Tag Line: At Sea there’s nowhere to Run!

PLANET SPARTA (High Concept/Sci-Fi)An entire planet of futuristic Spartans faces extinction from the greatest space armada ever launched. But while an epic space battle rages above, it will fall to a lone soldier on a forgotten planet to defeat a monster and save his people. (Think 300 Spartans meets Starship Troopers)

Tag Line: May we be worthy.

LITTLE SURE SHOT (Historical/Drama) - The famous sharpshooter Annie Oakley is pulled from retirement when a false story is printed about her by William Randolph Hearst. She is forced to take on the millionaire paper magnate in court in an effort to restore her reputation and through a series of flashbacks we see the ridiculousness of the accusations.

Tag Line: Great things come in small packages.

COMMAND EXECUTION (Military/Thriller) – As North Korea threatens a missile launch against the U.S., a young officer is sent to a small military radar site on the remote island of Shemya, Alaska to investigate the commander for abusive behavior, but it soon becomes a murder investigation when the CO is found strangled in her bed. (The General’s Daughter meets Shutter Island) *** Finalist in the Fade In and Page Award contests.

Tag Line: One island, one murder… 150 suspects.

RETURN TO LONGBOURN (Historical/Romance)In this sequel to Pride & Prejudice, Kitty, the last of the Bennet children still at home, struggles for her independence and her growing affection for a recently returned soldier, but things come to a head when her mother tries to arrange her marriage to a local businessman.

Tag Line: Return to Longbourn, Return to Romance.