DaVinci's Apprentice (YA-Hist/SciFi) - John Crawford’s parents fail daily at raising a teenager, but their radical, yet brilliant experiments at Cal-Tech have earned them international recognition. In his mother’s lab, John accidentally causes a chain reaction and falls into a wormhole. Transported to 1468 Florence he befriends a teenage apprentice painter named Leonardo DaVinci. Trying to get John back into the wormhole will fuel Leonardo’s desire to learn engineering. The boys fail several times with their attempts getting bolder each time. With the possibility of war coming to Florence, the boys must get John back home before the city falls under siege and the worm hole closes stranding him in the wrong place and time forever.

PLANET SPARTA (Epic SciFi) – An entire planet of futuristic Spartans faces extinction from the greatest space armada ever launched. All must sacrifice. All will be needed to defend their world and prevent their enslavement. But while an epic space battle rages above, it will fall to a lone soldier on a forgotten planet to defeat a monster and save his people. (See SCREENPLAYS for the movie adaptation.)

RETURN TO LONGBOURN (Historical Romance) – In this sequel to Pride & Prejudice,Kitty, the last of the Bennet children still at home, struggles for her independence and her growing affection for a recently returned soldier, but things come to a head when he mother tries to arrange her marriage to a local businessman. (See SCREENPLAYS for the movie adaptation.)

GOGGLES DOWN (Steampunk) - In the wilds of America a British noble discovers a meteorite that produces steam in never before seen quantities. When he and his beautiful daughter go missing, Queen Victoria must send accused coward Captain ‘Black Bart’ Worthington and his eclectic crew of misfits to find them. Unfortunately, when Lord Austen is murdered and the discovery stolen by a German Colonel and his shock troops, the crew of the airship Fairchild must hunt them down and recover the stolen element before the balance of power shifts and the world goes to war.

CHOICES (Erotic Romance) - For successful and highly educated career woman, Joanna McGinley, it all starts with a question; do you want to become more? To that end she willingly chooses to train as a submissive for the handsome and powerful Master V. He will take her on a journey of sexual discovery where, as the slave Eve, she comes to realize she is really the one in charge. However, there is a price to pay. When she falls in love with Master V, she might lose herself as she takes on more sexual challenges in an attempt to make him love her in return.