THE DENVER DOZEN (Family Drama) - A multi-generational Hispanic family whose multiple story lines interweave to create a complex, but realistic drama. The series main focus is on head of the family, Hank Garcia, who runs his own successful landscaping business, but is unaware of his family’s many problems. In the pilot, the family will be preparing for Hank and Emma's 28th wedding anniversary, but before their dinner all the members suffer their own issues. (Think Yellowstone meets One Day at a Time) 1 hour.

BAD DATA (Situation Comedy) - A day in the life of a data center where the techs and sales teams are constantly at odds and the #2 must fight to maintain normalcy and keep the place running. (Think The Office meets Silicon Valley) 30 minutes.

POLITICALLY CORRECT-ED (Reality) - Two people of opposite opinions on various hot button topics are put through situations which will challenge their beliefs.